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Club Penguin Cadence Tracker 2012

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Cadence Tracker


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How to install: 

*Highlight the code and press ctrl + V to copy it to your clipboard.
*Paste it in a HTML compatible section on your website.
*Congrats! You’ve installed the Club Penguin Sky Cadence Tracker for July 2012.

Use our tracker chat to help find her!

About Cadence
Cadence, AKA DJ Cadence, is a local disc jockey for the Club Penguin Dance Club and also a dancing machine. Her appearance consists of peach color item, diva scarf item, The Diva hair item, Dancing Shoes, and bangles. She appears to be a more modern penguin using words such as “Lol” and “Epic Fail”. Her choice phrase is, “It’s time to dance!”, which is why she is called “The Dancing Machine”. She also gives away free Club Penguin backgrounds like her fellow mascots Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Rookie, and The Penguin Band.

Cadence player card:

Special Cadence Facts:
Cadence is a part of the group that made the Dance-A-Thon.
Cadence created the game called “Dance contest” located in the Night Club. It’s one of the newer games that has arrived to Club Penguin.
Cadence is the only penguin who can wear multiple hand items at once (without cheating).
Clicking on DJ Cadence during the Dance Contest will activate EXPERT MODE, beware, it’s not easy.
Cadence owns a purple puffle pet named Lolz, whom appeared during the 2011 Puffle Party along with Cadence.

How to find Cadence:
Cadence can be found at the Night Club, Dance Lounge, or the roof (when available).
Cadence usually appears during the Music Jam party, along with the Penguin Band.
Some of her favorite servers are Frozen, Sleet, Shiver, Matterhorn, and Yukon.
The quickest way to find her would be to search the crowded servers and look for full rooms.
Once you find her, click the box on her playercard to receive her autographed background.

Cadence Finding Tips:

*Our Club Penguin Cadence Tracker is 100% accurate, you can find it here.
*During the Fashion, Cadence can be found in the Gift Shop, the Town, the Plaza, and the Snow Forts.
*Cadence visits servers such as Yeti, Below Zero, and even Abdominable!
Use our Club Penguin Cadence Tracker for to find Cadence during any party, she’s pretty easy to find and with out help, you’ll find her in no time.

For quick updates of  Cadence  location, be sure to follow @Azeemsky and @ClubPenguinSky on twitter.

Have fun tracking!

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