Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Club Penguin Blue Tracksuit Code

We have a great Club penguin cheat for you today! There’s a new Club Penguin Code that will give you a free Blue Tracksuit. Anyone can use it, whether you’re a member or not, so go ahead and get this cool new item!

Club Penguin Blue Tracksuit Code

Here is the Club Penguin Code:

DSKYRIDE – Blue Tracksuit

All you have to do to enter this codes is click the “Unlock Items Online” on the bottom left of Club Penguin, log in, and then click “I have a code” and type them in.

Here is the video guide for it:

If you’re short on coins, make sure to visit our Club Penguin Book Codes, our Club Penguin Codes, and our previous articles for free 1500 coins and 3000 free coins. Each book code you enter will earn you an additional 2,000 coins in Club Penguin!


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