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Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2012

Aunt Arctic Tracker June 2012: Press the refresh button on this page for updated Aunt Arctic Tracker Locations!

Aunt Arctic Tracker


<a href=""><img title="Aunt Arctic Tracker" src="" alt="Aunt Arctic Tracker" width="493" height="238" /></a>

How to install:
  1. Highlight the code and copy it into your clipboard.
  2. Paste it on your blogs, sites, twitters, facebooks, etc.
  3. Congratulations! You have installed the Club Penguin Sky Aunt Arctic Tracker!
For Immediate Aunt Arctic locations, use our Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker June 2012 Chat:

About Aunt Arctic:
Aunt Arctic is the chief editor for the Club Penguin Newspaper called the Club Penguin Times. She creates and edits all the stories that every Club Penguin reporter gives her and adds it to the paper for all the players to read whenever the newspaper is released. Aunt Arctic is also one of the only female mascots on Club Penguin at the time, all of her counterparts are male penguins! She wears a pink hat with her glasses and usually carries a newspaper in her hand. Aunt Arctic is extremely hard to find since she only visits once a year during the most important parties in order to get updates. She’s a green, fun loving, caring penguin whose always looking for the next big scoop! If you find Aunt Arctic you’re in for a treat.

Aunt Arctic Player card:

Special Aunt Arctic Facts:
  • Aunt Arctic stated that Uncle Arctic doesn't exist before.

  • Aunt Arctic is the only penguin with freckles on her face.

  • Aunt Arctic only shows up at special parties to obtain special information.

  • Aunt Arctic has written ever single Club Penguin Times Newspaper to date.

  • Aunt Arctic is the hardest penguin to find. (She only comes twice a year) depending on what’s happening on Club Penguin.

How to find Aunt Arctic
  • Aunt Arctic can be found in the Coffee Shop partying with penguins trying to get the latest news.

  • Aunt Arctic visits when a LOT of penguins are playing Club Penguin.

  • Aunt Arctic tends to visit popular servers at the top of the server list on all languages.

  • Aunt Arctic stands out because there is usually a crowd of green penguins around him.

  • Once you find her, click the box on her player card to receive her background.

Aunt Arctic Tracker Tips:
  • Our Aunt Arctic Tracker is usually live mostly during the weekends.

  • If you need immediate assistance, please use our tracker chat.

  • In order to see updated locations, please click the refresh button on your browser!

  • If all else fails, please leave a comment on this Aunt Arctic Tracker page for more assistance!

Aunt Arctic Finding Tips:
  1. Our Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker is 100% accurate, you can find it here.
  2. Aunt Arctic tends to get surrounded by penguins trying to imitate her outfit, so look for a lot of green.
  3. Aunt Arctic usually stays on for 10 to 15 minutes on each server.
  4. Use the player list in a crowded room to check and see if Aunt Arctic is there.
  5. Her name will have a special smiley face beside it.
  6. Try to look for a lot of people saying “Aunt Arctic!”, chances are she’s there or has been there.

Use our Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker June 2012 for immediate and accurate locations. Make sure you embed and refer us to your friends!

For quick updates of Aunt Arctic location, be sure to follow @Azeemsky and @ClubPenguinSky on twitter.

Have fun tracking!

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