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Unlock Items On Club Penguin Guide

Do you wonder how the majority of penguins have objects and Card-Jitsu cards that you have never seen? Would you like to know how they do? Then this guide is for you!

When you get one or more toys, Before selecting a server, on the top right corner, click on “Unlock Items”.

If you have a book, choose the section I have a book and click on which you hold. You will be asked a question in order to unlock the money.

Or if you have a toy, choose the section I have a code and enter the code to access the Treasure Book .

You can unlock Toy Codes, Card Jitsu codes, Puffle codes, Club Penguin DS + Wii Game Codes, Coin Card codes, Club Penguin UK Magazine codes, Trump card codes, Exclusive membership items codes etc ....

Having accomplished that, you get what you selected. Something like this should appear, showing you everything that you have received:

Bravo! So you have done! Your new items will be found therefore in your inventory. Finally, click Enter a new code or Play and if you don't have codes then you can visit our free coin codes page and can grab yours

And for unlocking Club Penguin membership online, follow this steps:

Go to the Club Penguin Membership page and click the “Card Activation” button in the top-right corner.

Choose the type of Membership card you purchased (Certificate or Membership Card). If you don’t have a Membership card and wish to purchase one, you can find them at many stores with gift cards such as Target or Tesco

 Enter your Club Penguin account’s username and password.

Enter the 16-character pin code located in the back of the Membership card. Make sure you copied the exact numbers in order and have no mistakes, or the Membership will be denied. You can then finish by clicking the “Sumbit” button.

We hope this help you! if there is an update or a new feature, we will post it here until then waddle on!

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