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Club Penguin unreleased Items Exclusive (Marvel’s ‘The Avengers' and other superheroes to be next month)

Hello friends its Azeemsky here! This has to be the coolest and most exciting exclusive I’m posting. Club Penguin added tons of new unreleased items to their files last night when they updated, and by the looks of it, since Disney owns Marvel, they’re going to do a crossover – Marvel character items in Club Penguin! Hulk, Captain America, Spider-man and more! Check it out:

Head Items:
Iron Man Cowl for 450 coins
Thor Helmet for 450 coins
Nova Helmet for 400 coins
The Black Widow for 450 coins
Loki Horns for 450 coinss
The Ms Marvel for 450 coins
The Hawkeye for 250 coins
THE HULK SMASH (yes, Club Penguin put it in all caps. Ironic, isn’t it?) for 300 coins
Captain America Helmet for 400 coins
Press Cap for 150 coins (listed as for nonmembers)
Cop Cap for 350 coins (listed as for nonmembers)

Face Items:
Nick Fury Eyepatch for 100 coins
Iron Fist Mask for 350 coins
Hawkeye-wear for 150 coins

Neck Items:
Captain America Shield for 300 coins
Hawkeye Quiver & Bow for 300 coins
Mjollnir for 300 coins
Icy Power Gloves for 300 coins
Cosmic Power Gloves for 300 coins
Lightning Power Gloves for 300 coins
Money Bag for free (listed as for nonmembers)

Body Items:
Spider-Man Bodysuit for 550 coins
Captain America Bodysuit for 550 coins
HULK BODYSUIT for 550 coins
Iron Man Bodysuit for 550 coins
Ms Marvel Body Suit for 500 coins
Nova Bodysuit for 450 coins
Iron Fist Bodysuit for 400 coins
Venom Symbiote for 550 coins
Loki Armor for 500 coins
The Lizard Bodysuit for 550 coins
Hawkeye Bodysuit for 550 coins
Thor Armor for 550 coins
Nick Fury Coat for 400 coins
Black Widow Bodysuit for 500 coins
Doom Dorne for 3000 coins (expensive!)
Up To No Good Suit for 350 coins (listed as for nonmembers)
City’s Finest Uniform for 400 coins (listed as for nonmembers)

Superhero Pin (for everyone)

Backgrounds (all for everyone)
Aunt Arctic Giveaway
Mug Shot
Press Conference

Super Hero party will be amazing! i'm a big super heroes fan and i have watch all Marvel's movies1 I will eb surely waiting for it, are you?
 -Your Friend Azeemsky.

I want to thanks Trianman1405 for the help

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