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Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 Third Room Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Hello friends! Remember those two pictures of the Super Hero Party i posted few days ago? Thanks to Trainman for the tip, i have found 1 more unreleased super hero party room exclusive image,

(Doesn't look like EPF commend room?)

Here is some Information about the party, excluding Aunt Arctic coming and there being many new costumes, includes the following:
  1. The entire island will be a city
  2. During the party players can enter all the rooms except the roof, which is above the fort, where the partners will face off against a giant robot that threatens to destroy the city (could it be Protobot?)
  3. In the prison room there is a free villain background. In the press conference area there is superhero stuff. In the Pizza Parlour you can win other prizes if you work together with others
  4. will supposedly be a new page on the website in the near future
  5. The Hot Pink Puffle may be coming to this party as the meteor is Hot Pink. The Hot Pink Puffle may have super powers.
I want to thanks Trainman1405 again for the information! Comment below your thoughts on this exclusive!

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