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Club Penguin Sticker Album In Brazil!

Hello friends! Just now Happy77 has made a new post on Club Penguin's Portuguese community blog. This post is about the sticker album which has been released in Brazil from today! This will be not the same sticker album as united Kingdom's sticker album, here is the video:


This album will come out with treasure book item code and coins code, here are some information about this album:

  • Total number of stickers in the album: 198
  • Amount of this album: $5,95
  • Easy stickers: 36, 143, 95, 58, 76, 115, 122, 164, 23, 54
  • Rare stickers: 73, 168, 50, 118, 119, 28, 100, 167, 142, 108

Do you live in Brazil? If you do then you can send the album images on and if we posted it, we will give you full credits! Comment below any questions related to this album.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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