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Club Penguin Mascots Are Not Bot Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here! Today, i was watching Club Penguin dupstep puffle video and i notice something exclusive in the comments! A person name 'MsLovefades' asked a question 
Dear CP i heard aunt arctic rookie and lots of the famous penguins are bots are thay? replay to clubpeguuin

And Happy77 replied 
Nope, they're not bots. -Happy77
 Here is the picture of the comment:

Now its cleared, they are not bots, i have some images that can proof they are not bots, check it out:

This is the mascot interface where moderator can choose from a selection of phrases. Of course, they often give shoutout to people, which shows they have the ability to type their own text as well. However, does this mean that all of the mascots are operated by a live person? This picture shows the mascots are definitely controlled by a human being at one point or another.

Have you meet Gary yet? if nor then be sure to track it with Club Penguin Sky :)
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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