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Club Penguin Field Ops #84 Cheats

Today on Club Penguin I noticed that my EPF Spy Phone was flashing in red. This means a new Field Ops was released. To begin, head to the EPF Command Room and click on the yellow screen on the right side of the room.

Here is your mission:

After reading the information, click accept. Now, head to the Dock to find your mission. Stand in this area and wait for your spy phone to light up.

In order to receive the medal for this week’s field ops, you have to find the secret code that matchesthe code you make. Be careful, and try not to run out of chances.

After completing your mission, you will get a note from Gary

It reads
Well done Agent. The Meteor is not very large, so damage should be minimal, as long as it doesn't hit anything. Keep the Docks secure. I need to look into an alarming report of a broken machine in the wilderness.

You have now completed this week’s field op. What did you think of the mission? Do you think it was easy? Comment and tell us your thoughts and opinions!

Check out the Club Penguin Field Ops 84 Cheats video that Azeemsky made: 


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