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Club Penguin Thin Ice Game Guide

Thin Ice is an arcade game which can be found in the Dance Lounge above the Night Club. The objective of this game is to melt as many blocks of ice as possible during each level. The more ice you melt the more your score, as well as the coins you receive. As the levels get harder, you will be able to collect coin bags (which give bonus points) for mastering a level. Below is a quick guide on how you can maximize the amount of points you can get on Thin Ice.

This game is played by using the arrow keys to navigate the flaming red puffle around the playing area to melt as many blocks of ice as possible. For the first few levels, there will be only one way to go.

Slowly, the levels will give you more freedom to experiment and see how you can melt all the ice.

Starting on level 4 you will begin to earn coin bags. For ever bag you get, you receive 100 Points! These bags only appear when the previous level was mastered. A level is mastered when all the blocks of ice are melted and you still make it to the red finish platform. If you do not master a level, you will not get a coin bag on the next level.
On level 19 (The Last Level) there is a secret hidden room with extra coin bags . To access this room follow this path.

This will then unlock the treasure room with extra coin bags! (The amount of coin bags is determined by the amount of levels you have mastered. For every level mastered, you get an extra coin bag in this room).

When this is unlocked for the first time, you will also unlock the “Iced Treasure” Stamp!

Take your time, eventually you will have all the levels down and can get the maximum points in a breeze. Once you can develop skill with this game, it will become one of your top ways to earn coins on Club Penguin!

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