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Club Penguin: Cart Surfer Game Guide

Cart surfer is a game that can be found in the Mine Shack. I this game your goal is to be able to ride your Cart all the way out of the mine. You achieve points by doing tricks while riding down the track. Tricks can be done using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The more complex the trick, the more points you earn. The points you earn also then translate into how many coins you will get at the end. Black puffles can be brought into this game. They help you get more stamps, and potentially more coins! Here is a guide that can help you receive as many points as possible from the game Cart Surfer.

First head inside the mine and walk over to the track to start playing. 

Cart surfer is played using the arrow keys on your keyboard. By hitting the left and right arrow keys you can lean the cart to either direction. When reaching a turn you will need to lean the cart in the direction of the turn to make the curve. If you miss the turn you will crash and have to try again! You can use the up and down keys to stand or sit in your cart. Different tricks require you to be standing or sitting. The space bar can be used to jump and for a short time fly over the track.

While playing you will see Yellow signs with a arrow shaped figure on them. These signs point to the direction of the turn. When you first see one you will see 3 more before the turn comes.

During the game try and do as many tricks as possible!

In total there are 12 tricks that you can perform in cart surfer. Here is a list of those 12 tricks.

Turn - This trick is performed using the right or left arrow keys while in the cart. You will receive 10 points when your do this around a turn.

Surf Turn – This trick is done while surfing. (Standing on your cart) Once you reach a curve use the right or left arrow keys. The amount of points is determined on how long you held down the left or right arrow key. (15-60 Points) Warning! If you hold the arrow key down too long your cart will fall over and you will crash.

Air Twist – While sitting in your cart hit spade and then the right or left arrow key and you will perform the Air Twist trick! This trick will give you either 80 or 40 points. If you do many of these tricks in a row than you will get 40 on everyone except for the first time you do the trick.

Back Flip - This is a well known trick because of how many points you receive. The back flip can be performed by holding the down arrow for 1 second then hitting space. Your penguin will do a back flip in the cart! This trick gives you a whopping 100 points for the first time and then 50 for the rest of them you do.

Free-as-a-Bird - This trick is done by hitting space and then the up arrow. This trick will give you 50 points the first time you perform it and 25 points for every time afterwards.

Surf - This trick gives no points. Hit the up arrow key to stand on your cart (Surf). To stop surfing simply hit the down arrow key on your keyboard.

Surf Jump - While surfing hit space and your penguin with jump while in surf. When this is first performed you will receive 20 points, afterwards you will receive 10 points.

Hand stand - As shown in the picture above the hand stand can be performed buy pressing the up arrow to surf, and then the up arrow again to do a hand stand on the front of the cart. This trick first gives you 80 points, and afterwards gives you 40.

Run - If you are surfing hit the down arrow key to get in your cart. Once your in your cart hit the down key again and you will run on the rails. This trick is similar to the hand stand, you will get 80 points first, then 40 points afterwards.

Slam - Hit space and then the down key and you will slam your cart on the tracks. This trick give 30 points for the first time performed and 15 for the rest of them performed.

Jump - You can jump by hitting the space bar. This is helpful in other tricks but gives no points.

Rail Grind - Once you reach a turn hit the down arrow key to sit in the cart (Unless you were already in the cart). Once near the turn hit the down key and either right or left (Depending on the way of the turn) to grind that curve. You can get anywhere from 10 to 90 points with this trick.

If you are out walking your black puffle go ahead and bring him along to the mine! He loves to play cart surfer. He will appear with you in the game and will do the trick you do with you!

One way to maximize your profit from cart surfer is to get all the stamps for the game! Once you get all the stamps your coins will be doubled! Take a look at one of my highest scores!

With great talents in this game you can accumulate huge amounts of coins in a short amount of time! I received those 974 coins in less than a minute! You too can get that many coins in a minute! Keep Surfing!

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