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Club Penguin Black Out Exclusive Theory

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin has updated their mobile home page, now Herbert is appearing behind the light house with Klutzy, you can check it out below:

Look Herbert closely, he is smiling, what he is upto?

If you notice in this picture which is below, it says a new party is coming on Club Penguin so it could be Black Out :O

And if you check latest membership page, which has been updated today, in last line it say
Coming in June: Will you save or destroy the city? Is this related to black out? or Shadow guy vs Gamma gal stage play?

And in Club Penguin YouTube video 'Behind the Scenes' which was recorded at Club Penguin Studios in 2011. You can see in right hand side image, Club Penguin team is making a documentary on the mission and creating some new villains, Protobot (Who is gonna meet able soon in the future) Klutzy and ... Who is that??? Klutzy dad or leader?

Remember i posted in March about Black out field ops message? if you didn't then click here, That crab which is undefined is in this unreleased field ops message, have a look:

Striking the light house! we got it, yes! Herbert is hiding behind light house and giving us an evil smile (Like  Dr Doofenshmirtz )

And if you see in this image, the mystery will be solved, Light house has been broke and Herbert is laughing but wait! who is behind of the light house? is that Shadow Ninja? :O

I think they started planning in June & they may release it this month? Who knows leaving Club Penguin Staff, lol!

Very exciting! Club Penguin has stored so much fun in 2012 for us! Comment below your thoughts on my theory.
----------Special thanks to 1james10 for mobile home page images and tip on the black out---------------
                                               -Your Friend Azeemsky(Cpsky Owner)

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