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Protobot To Be Meet able On Club Penguin Soon *Exclusive*

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Recently Club Penguin has added a ID to Protobot in Club Penguin files, if you don't know what will happen if they add a ID, i will say you now, Mascots only have an ID(s) listed in Club Penguin’s file if they’re meetable, or going to be meetable…so why would Club Penguin add a single ID for Protobot? Is he going to meetable in the near future? You can see the image of it below:

You see that? At the end. The 178349256 ? its the Protobot ID! What do you think? Will he be on the island in the future? What for? Why? This is interesting! I need to make a php tracker soon to track him down
-Your Friends Azeemsky.

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