Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

ClubPenguinSky Version 3 Is Here!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Finally the waiting has been end and with no problems, i've released ClubPenguinSky Version 3, thanks to Clubsammi for the help, Thanks to penguins who was wating for this day and Thanks to penguin who participate in our ClubPenguinSky Version 3 Release Coin Code Contest!

I'm so happy, finally ClubPenguinSky Version 3 has been released before my exams, this theme was set to release on March 15 but from some problems ClubPenguinSky Version 3 released on March 16, but happy it has been successfully released :D

You can see we have a Club Penguin navbar which makes this blog looks awesome, some new widgets and gadgets and now i've to work on some guides and this blog will be completely helpful

Sometimes i become lazy and don't post some exclusives but now i will not do it anymore and i will post all exclusives on time!

What a way to kick of the ClubPenguinSky Version 3 as we have get 31,000 views and keep counting it, our goal is 1,00,000 views :D

Many things to say but i've to go for studies so i will describe everything in 5 words


So Cpsky fans, keep visiting here for Club Penguin latest cheats, secrets, sneak peeks, exclusives and many more.....

-Your Friend Azeemsky (Cpsky Owner)


  1. Its a Little Bit laggy on my computer the site with the new version but i love it

  2. Nice but can improve *_* !