Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

ClubPenguinSky Is Now Partner With ClubPenguinGraphicsFactory

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, I've made a Club Penguin graphics blog with my best pal Ripari11 and i'm merging it with my ClubPenguinSky.

I'm going to make a graphics section on ClubPenguinSky so when you click on it, you will be redirect to ClubPenguinGraphicsFactory!

I'm founder and co-owner of the ClubPenguinGraphicsFactory and As now i've finished working on ClubPenguinSky version 3, i'm going to work on ClubPenguinGraphicsFactory, don't worry, i will still be posting cheats on ClubPenguinSky

I've recently made the new theme for ClubPenguinGrahpicsFactory and now i've to give some finishing touches to it!

You have to pay for graphics but currently we are doing free graphics week so you can order quality graphics for free!

Here is the image of ClubPenguinGraphicsFactory blog

You can visit  ClubPenguinGrahpicsFactory by clicking on this link: 

Whats in mind? only 1 weak left then you have to pay for best Club Penguin graphics!
Oder now and comment below your thoughts!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.(Cpsky Owner)

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