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Club Penguin White Penguin Color Coming Soon? Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,

Today I was looking for something new in the files of Club Penguin and I found a new color that will be released soon. The color is light gray, and many of you may be thinking, this color is equal to the Sensei ? But I disagree, both have a great similarity , but are totally different look! you can check it out below!

"Cost": 0, "IS_MEMBER": false, "label": "# # Arctic White # # "

Pretty cool, huh? I translate'' Arctic White'' that in Portuguese means Arctic White . One thing that caught my attention, is that according to the files of the CP , it will be released to everyone. I can not wait to take my inventory. And you are eager to have it? Tell us their comments.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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