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Club Penguin Support Shadow Ninja Email Exclusive

UPDATE: This is just a fake image, lots of people agree on twitter, i got scammed by P140598552 :( , she has also said bad things about me on her blog, check it out by clicking here (Be sure to check comments of her post)

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Today my friend IceCube224 gave me a pic of an email sent to Club Penguin team, this email was sent by P140598552 (Katy29654) from

When P140598552 asked Club Penguin team, is there any Shadow ninjas? Club Penguin team replied saying 

Greetings Ninja,
Thanks for waddling by with your question! Your question is commonly asked here at club penguin support and sadly there is not going to be a shadow ninja.
I',m sorry to disappoint you!
Please feel free to write back to us with any cool questions, icy ideas or snow suggestions, we always love to hear from our beaked buddies!

Waddle on

Club Penguin Support

Here is the image of it

Weired huh? Why should Club Penguin team will say this question is commonly asked here? what do you say? Comment it and once again thanks to Icecube224 and P140598552 (Katy29654) for giving me this image
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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