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How To Become An Elite Penguin Force Agent

Hello friends its Azeemsky here,

Ever noticed mysterious happenings across the Island? Ever seen penguins in Suits? Ever seen penguins fighting a polar bear? Ever wanted to become one of these penguins? Well if so you’ve come to the right place! If you’re on your own, the fastest way is to head to the Book Room and open 2009-2010′s Year Book (June). Click on the letters E, P and F on the Everyday Phoning Facility’s sign. Then click the Spy Penguin’s phone!

A message will pop up, press go there.

Once you have been taken to the Everyday Phoning Facility you must take the test! First the telephone will ring. Answer it and hit the target that appears with a snowball.

Then you will have to move to the green square. You will then be tested on your speed and will have to run to the red square.

Next you will be assessed on your hiding skills. To hide throw a snowball at camera two and hide behind the wall…

The next challenge is the last challenge! All you have to do is throw a snowball in the blue square!

Well thats the test over. The computer will then add up your scores and you should get perfect if you have followed this guide correctly! If you have, the EPF Elevator will appear so head into it and you will get your EPF phone!

To unlock some of it’s functions you have to buy Herbert’s Revenge and unlock the code online!

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