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Club Penguin Sport Shop Rebuilt And EPF Recon Exclusive

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Yes you read right Club Penguin Sport Shop is going to Rebuilt with featuring a new game called Recon Missions . For more information scroll below!

As we all know after popcorn explosion Sport Shop was removed and replaced with Everyday Phoning Facility but again Sport shop is returning with a new look! don't worry  Everyday Phoning Facility is not gonna removed, both will be at ski village!

The Sport Shop Rebuilt has been confirmed in a Canadian magazine as a party to rebuild the Sport Shop. The Sports Shop should back with a Field-Op or a Secret Mission . That video shows the Ski Village with Ski Lodge, Everyday Phoning Facility, and Sport Shop near the Mountain. Also, it might be related to Operation: Blackout and EPF Recon Team. The PSA HQ and Command Room are not coming back. The event is set to coincide with the new EPF Recon Team game in August 2012. The Tourist Base will be built, as well as the Recon HQ.

Here is the picture of the Sport shop at the ski village

You all will be thinking what is The EPF Recon Team? Here is the answer

The EPF Recon Team is an agency coming out in August 2012. There will be four factions (Space, Communication, Battle, and Scout), with a new multiplayer game, Recon Missions. There will be a Recon HQ. The agency is set to coincide with the release of the Rebuild the Sport Shop event. The Recon Team does special tasks the most agents cannot handle. Gary and the Director decided the agency needed an expansion. The EPF Recon team will protect everyone, at any cost. This has been confirmed in an email by Club Penguin.

The Elite Penguin Force Recon Team are a select group of special agents assigned by the Director himself, and briefed to perform special tasks crucial to the survival of the agency. As a part of the EPF Recon Team, it is your job to defend the island from dangerous threats. We are counting on you. Herbert may have escaped hibernation, but with your intelligence and strength, we can apprehend him once and for all!

Recon agents will be able to participate in "Operation: Black-Out."

Space - Known for missions on different planets. They have breathing gear and intergalactic armor.

Communication - These agents are the communicators. They gather information about criminals and report findings through Recon Headsets.

Battle - These agents have special helmets and snowball launchers. They go into the battlefield to destroy any incoming threats.

Scouts - Look around for any criminal activity. Report to Communication.

You all will be thinking what is The EPF Recon HQ ? Here is the answer

Recon HQ is a room to be released in August 2012. It is the headquarters of the EPF Recon Team. It is exclusive to Recon agents. There will be a game called Recon Missions. The room features monitors, holographic projection table, jail cell, and Director's office. It was confirmed in an email to Club Penguin.

This room is the central main hub of the island. It has been confirmed that you will be able to meet Gary here. There will be a free item, the Recon Headset, during the construction event in late July 2012.

When the Director and Gary decided to launch the EPF Recon Team, they needed a strong headquarters. The HQ got constructed with the Sport Shop and Tourist Base in July of 2012. The agency was then launched with the HQ that August. Entrances to the HQ became available at the Cove and Tourist Base.

You all will be thinking what is The EPF  Recon Missions  ? Here is the answer

Recon Missions is a game that will be playable August 2012. They follow story lines similar to Secret Missions, but with a brand new type of gameplay that fully takes you into the Club Penguin World. Use mission cards to blast your way through levels, and destroy Herbert's bots in all new environments. Call in reinforcements, upgrade gadgets, drive vehicles, and more.

This game includes multiplayer and co-op team battles and action packed levels. Guide your fellow Elite Penguin Force agents into the field and control vehicles such as dune buggys, helicoptors, and snow trekkers to save the island from robots. Handle new weapons such as lasers, snowball blasters, and more. This game will be done on a total 2D interface and will include boss battles, communicator, and all-new features.

-Navigate strange new territories on the island and command your team into the fight against Protobot.

-Earn medals and enhance your Elite Gear.

-Control vehicles such as helicopters, dune buggys, snow trekkers etc.

-Defeat the enemy robots and take out your weaponry for the fight.

  • The game consists of missions, each with five levels. They are:
  • Operation Black-Out
  • Operation Fire at the Plaza
  • Operation Rise of the Roboids
  • Operation Robot Invasion
  • Operation Destruction
  • Operation Herbert's Return
  • Operation Cavern Investigation

You must be a Recon agent to play this game.

It is rumored that you can use the brown puffle in this game.

It is a mystery what the EPF Brown puffle will be called, though Agent Crash has a Brown puffle named Cookie, who could possibly be the Elite puffle.

You all will be thinking who is Agent Crash ? Here is the answer 

Agent Crash is a penguin who works for the EPF Recon Team. He is the Director's partner, and will be meetable in the Recon HQ in August 2012. He has supersonic boots, a battle helmet, snowball blaster, and armor. He also has exclusive heat vision goggles. It is possible that he IS the Director. This has not been confirmed yet. Here is the image of Agent Crash

That's It For Now, As i get more information, i will give it to all of you and please if you are posting this give ClubPenguinSky credit ! Comment below your thought and theories.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.(Cpsky Owner)


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