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Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Complete Guide!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here! Rockhopper’s ship is finally ready for exploring! Rockhopper needs us for his crew as he sets out for Shipwreck Island! So to start out, pick up your free Crew Cap at the Beach!
After you sign up for Rockhopper’s Crew, get on the Migrator and check out the new features!
When your on the ship you can make it go faster by standing on stations that allow you to throw snowballs at targets to make the rockets go or other ways to make the ship go faster. 
Click on the anchor to set sail to the first Island.. the Black Island Trading Post!
At the Trading Post, you can buy items to make you look more like a pirate!
Make sure you pick up the supplies hanging above the shop!
After you collect purchase the supplies needed for sailing, you can head back onto the Migrator to sail to the next Island! The next Island is called Dinosaur Island!
Here at the island you can buy more items from the Island Catalog! This catalog has some pretty cool items, check it out!
Collect the Gem from the cave to collect the final item for the beacon!
After you are finished on Dinosaur Island, go back onto the Migrator and prepare to go to Shipwreck Island!
When you arrive to Shipwreck Island, it will look like this:
At the island in the top right corner, you need to build a beacon so it will be safer to travel in the future! Click on the items that you got from the past islands and build the beacon!
After you build the beacon, you will receive the Shipwreck Beacon Pin!
Once you get the pin, enter the mysterious Viking Cave….
Once you enter, you will see a table with a bunch of Viking Skeletons!
In the chest behind the table, you will be able to collect the Viking Lord Helmet and Armor!
Awesome! What do you think of this quest? Let us know in the comments!
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

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