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Field Ops 58 Cheat

Hello Friends its Azeemsky here

Attention All EPF Agents! The newest Field-Op is here! G wants us to test the heat resistance of the EPF Gear, so Answer your spy Phone and go to the EPF HQ:

Here is your Mission:

Click Accept, then use your map to go to the Fire Dojo and go to this location:

This mission, you need to Decrypt the Passcode!

To do this, you need to be quick! Match the shape on the right to decode the security.

Once you complete the Field-Op, Dot will come up with this message:

Great work Agent! If you’re reading this message, you managed to sneak into the Fire Dojo and decode it.

I’ve always wondered who would be better at stealth – a ninja, or a stealth agent. Maybe I should learn Card-Jitsu to find out.

Great Job Agent! Who do you think are better at stealth- a ninja or a stealth agent? Let us know your thoughts!

-Your Friend Azeemsky

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