Club Penguin Sky is now closed forever

Club Penguin EPF Message From Gary

Recently, when I logged on to Club Penguin, I noticed that Gary has sent the Elite Penguin Force a new message. Here’s the message:


Gary’s message said:
At last, I'm feeling normal again. It seems Scorn's curse had a large effect on me. Did I do anything strange?
What do you think about this message. Let us know what you think in a comment below.

Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover Unreleased Items Exclusive!

Hello friends! Today, I was looking in Club Penguin files for some exclusives and i came across with an unreleased Iron-Man Suit images! Want to have a look on them? then check it out below:

Iron Man Cowl:

Iron Man Bodysuit:

Spider-Man Bodysuit:

Venom Symbiote:

Cop Cap:

City’s Finest Uniform:

I don't what this suit is called but i think it is unreleased 

I'm trying to find more super heroes unreleased items images, such as Hulk, Captain America, Thor Etc. Whenever i find them, i will surely post here!

How To Still Access Club Penguin Medieval Party Rooms!

Hey guys! Recently Medieval party has been ended on Club Penguin but you can still go to the Tree Forts and first Knight’s Quest!

To visit Tree Forts, use this link:

To visit first Knight’s Quest, use this link:

Second room for the first Knight’s Quest:

Sky Kingdom:

Lava Falls:

Bridge of Destiny:

Mountain of Misery:

Don't worry, you will not get banned for it because this is mistake by Club Penguin So friends, enjoy waddling in room!

Club Penguin's Marvel Website

Hello friends! Club Penguin has released a sub-domain for promoting Marvel's Avengers, you can visit the sub-domain by clicking here! Here are some images from the Club Penguin's Marvel blog:

There is a commercial video too:

You can learn more about the heroes and villains on the page as well as download wallpapers.

Looks like Club Penguin is advertising The Amazing Spider-man movie too! Comment belwo your thoughts on this!

Club Penguin June 2012 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats | Hidden Items

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has added a brand new Clothing Catalog to the Gift Shop! In this catalog, there are a bunch of new super hero costumes that we can dress up in preparation for the new Super Hero Party this month! Here is the cover:

And there are a bunch of hidden items, and they are all capes! Check it out:

White Cape:
(Click on the Boy Reporter’s Papers)

Yellow Cape:
(Click on the girl newscaster’s falling papers)

Pink Cape:
(Click on the camera lens)

Orange Cape:
(Click on the Reporter’s Pocket)

Green Cape:
(Click on the Fiendish Suit’s Middle)

Brown Cape:
(Click on the orange penguin’s arm)

Red Cape:
(Click on the pink penguin’s hand)

Blue Cape:
(Click on the Fire Extinguisher!)

Awesome! What do you think of these Super Hero costumes? Let us know in comments!

Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 HomePage

Today when I was visited the Club Penguin website, I saw a massive change. Medieval party is over and Super hero party is coming soon. As usual, Club Penguin always updates their homepages to correspond with the current event on the island. However instead of a boring homepage, this homepage is full of flavor and fun. Take a look at what Club Penguin has been working on for all these days.

 What are your thoughts on this new homepage? I thought that Club Penguin did a fabulous job with it, do you agree with me? If you don’t comment below and let us know why you disagree.


Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 login Screen

Today, Club Penguin has released another login screen informing us of the upcoming Club Penguin Super hero party 2012. In this new login screen, we can see Iron-man, Captain America vs a super villain, i think it is protobot behind the the villain, have a look:

What do you think of this new login screen? I really like all the content that Club Penguin has been putting into their login screens lately! Leave your thoughts in a comment below.


Club Penguin June 2012 Membership Page Update!

Club Penguin has recently updated their membership page! If you click on the ‘What’s New’ section, you will find all of the fun things members will be able to do during the Super Hero party 2012! From exclusive costumes, to mini games, members are sure to have a great time.

  • Suit up as your favorite Marvel Super Hero… or Super Villain!
  • Face off in the Downtown Showdown
  • Coming in July: Show off your dance moves or rock out on stage!

Wow! Can you believe all of the amazing stuff the Club Penguin team has allowed members to do this year? I’m personally excited to suit up in Spider-man costume! I have a great feeling about this super hero party. What’re you most excited for? Leave your comments in the comments below. We love hearing from you!


Club Penguin Field Ops #84 Cheats

Today on Club Penguin I noticed that my EPF Spy Phone was flashing in red. This means a new Field Ops was released. To begin, head to the EPF Command Room and click on the yellow screen on the right side of the room.

Here is your mission:

After reading the information, click accept. Now, head to the Dock to find your mission. Stand in this area and wait for your spy phone to light up.

In order to receive the medal for this week’s field ops, you have to find the secret code that matchesthe code you make. Be careful, and try not to run out of chances.

After completing your mission, you will get a note from Gary

It reads
Well done Agent. The Meteor is not very large, so damage should be minimal, as long as it doesn't hit anything. Keep the Docks secure. I need to look into an alarming report of a broken machine in the wilderness.

You have now completed this week’s field op. What did you think of the mission? Do you think it was easy? Comment and tell us your thoughts and opinions!

Check out the Club Penguin Field Ops 84 Cheats video that Azeemsky made: 


Club Penguin Times Issue #345- INCOMING METEOR!

Club Penguin has released a new issue of their newspaper on Club Penguin, the Club Penguin Times issue #345.

This week, the newspaper mainly talks about the meteor which is heading towards Club Penguin, if you remember, i posted about it that we can see the meteor from telescope at beacon!

The second article in this newspaper is about a machine being discovered. It looks like Protobot!

These are the upcoming events. Which one are you looking most forward to?

The upcoming events are:
  • June 7 – New furniture catalogue
  • June 14 – Superhero Party
  • June 14 – New Pin
  • June 28 – New Pin
Be sure to leave a nice comment below about the latest news paper issue!

Club Penguin Bean Bag Pin Cheat

While waddling on Club Penguin, I noticed that there is a new pin hidden in one of the rooms around the island. I have a quick tutorial on how to get this new pin, known as the bean bag pin.
  1. Log onto Club Penguin. You can choose any server.
  2. Waddle to the Town and into the Coffee Shop. 
  3. Waddle to the left side, where the sofa is.
  4. Congratulations, you know about this Club Penguin Bean Bag Cheat.

Do you like the all new Club Penguin Bean Bag Pin? I like it, it’s awesome. Let me know in a short comment below, I’ll be glad to read your responses.

Club Penguin: Meteor Is Located From Beacon's Telescope!

Hello friends! If you waddle to Beacon and click the telescope and look closely you will see a meteor heading for the island coming from space.

It means BOOM! the meteor is hitting the island on June 7 as mentioned in Club Penguin Times issue #345. It means my theory was right! If you don't know about it then click here! I can't wait for super hero party! what about you? comment below!

Club Penguin Is Going To Update Now!

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, i was logging on Club Penguin to see the new updates and i saw a new login screen, its say there are updating the game, have a look:

Brb my friends! I'm gonna post every updates on here!

Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 Third Room Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Hello friends! Remember those two pictures of the Super Hero Party i posted few days ago? Thanks to Trainman for the tip, i have found 1 more unreleased super hero party room exclusive image,

(Doesn't look like EPF commend room?)

Here is some Information about the party, excluding Aunt Arctic coming and there being many new costumes, includes the following:
  1. The entire island will be a city
  2. During the party players can enter all the rooms except the roof, which is above the fort, where the partners will face off against a giant robot that threatens to destroy the city (could it be Protobot?)
  3. In the prison room there is a free villain background. In the press conference area there is superhero stuff. In the Pizza Parlour you can win other prizes if you work together with others
  4. will supposedly be a new page on the website in the near future
  5. The Hot Pink Puffle may be coming to this party as the meteor is Hot Pink. The Hot Pink Puffle may have super powers.
I want to thanks Trainman1405 again for the information! Comment below your thoughts on this exclusive!

Club Penguin UK Magazine Issue #5 Sneak Peek

Hello penguins! The Club Penguin team behind the SupportAtCP Twitter Account have tweeted a picture of the fifth UK Magazine which arrives in shops on May 31st. They tweeted:

For the little heroes in your household, the latest issue of the Official#ClubPenguin Magazine is out TOMORROW! ^SF

with an image included below.

As you can see in the front cover of the Club Penguin UK Magazine, and in the tweet, this is a super hero edition! 1500 coins and three free items will be included. Are you going to purchase the fifth edition of the Club Penguin UK Magazine? We’d love to hear your opinions below.

Club Penguin Fan Art 29/5/2012

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, Club Penguin has updated their fan art once again, there are so many pretty fan arts, check it out:

I like the fan art by my friend Gigi, he drawn the Business moose outfit! Be sure to check it out by clicking here
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin: Azeemsky Tracker 2012

Below is the Club Penguin Azeemsky Tracker.


Here is the code to add this tracker to your site:
<a href="" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em; text-align: center;" target="_blank"><img alt="tracker" border="0" height="238" src="" meta http-equiv='refresh' content='2;url='  style="border-color: transparent; border-width: 0px;" width="493" /></a>

How to find Azeemsky on Club Penguin cheats:


Below are many tips to find Azeemsky on Club Penguin:

1. The  Azeemsky  tracker above is highly accurate and updates the room and server Azeemsky was last seen in.

2.   Azeemsky usually logs onto servers with 1 – 3 bars popularity

3.   Azeemsky  is most commonly seen on Sleet, Klondike, Mukluk, Southen Lights, and Berg . Check these servers first. Azeemsky is most commonly seen in rooms that have been newly updated.

4.   Azeemsky  is a red penguin with a, blue Club Penguin cap, sunglasses, hoodie, and white iPod.

5.   Azeemsky  frequently changes rooms on Club Penguin, so make sure to check the  Azeemsky tracker at the  Azeemsky Tracker for the most current location.

6. Updates on Twitter will be posted whenever   Azeemsky logs on Club Penguin. Follow   Azeemsky on Twitter to receive a message whenever  Azeemsky  is spotted. Follow   Azeemsky  on Twitter!

7. If you need anymore help finding   Azeemsky , leave a comment or you can have fun tracking for Azeemsky on our Club Penguin chat!

Have fun tracking!

Club Penguin Blog: Featured Igloos (May 29th)

Hey penguins! Three all new igloos have been featured by Happy77 on the Club Penguin Blog. Here are three medieval styled igloos:

Tiaminpin said:
“Please, Please, PLEASE, check out my friend Eve79260′s igloo. It’s the awesomest one yet!! You Gotta check it out! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out, It’s the AWESOMEST, COOLEST, MOST AMAZING one I’ve ever seen!!!!!
Waddle On!!! p.s. u guys rock! ;D”

Hur11 said:
“My friend Sumari347 has a soo sweet and soo superbo castle igloo u won’t believe looks like angels set them there its soo great castle i would love to have like that one. Waddle On CP…!!! =D”

Isaac Walker said:
“I saw this guy named Ocean6100. HIS IGLOO IS AWESOME!!!!! PLZ CHECK IT OUT THX”

Like usual Club Penguin is accepting name submissions of penguins who you think have a cool igloo.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Club Penguin Pin Tracker

Hello friends its Azeemsky here, ClubPenguinSky has made a pin tracker to track down pin locations, you can found it on our blog sidebar and you can add this pin tracker to you blog too, just copy the code which is below and paste it.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" height="138" src="" style="border-bottom-color: transparent; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-image: initial; border-left-color: transparent; border-left-width: 0px; border-right-color: transparent; border-right-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-top-color: transparent; border-top-width: 0px;" width="212" /></a>

It will look like this:

Its a php tracker and it will update automatically when there is a new pin on the island! Field ops tracker and mascots trackers are currently in progress and they will be available soon! Have you added this Pin tracker to your blog? let us know in comments.
ClubPenguinSky Owner

Club Penguin: Meteor Landing On Club Penguin With A BOOM!

Hello friends! If you don't know, There is a telescope downstairs in the Lighthouse, if you click the telescope and look closely you will see a meteor heading for the island coming from space.

And in the latest reviewed by you, Happy77 has gave us a sneak peek of Super hero party 2012, check it out:
Happy77 - Sneak Peek_edit.jpg

This is the same meteor which is located from the telescope! it means, its landed on Club Penguin with a BOOM :O

Can Super heroes can save us? or EPF agents can save us? comment below!

Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Heroes

Hello Penguins! Yet again, another reviewed by you has been published at the Community Blog! On the previous reviewed by you Happy77 asked us to talk about favorite Club Penguin story. The comment she picked was by 127David, who said the following in her response:

"Hi Happy77! I think it's great that so many penguins are working hard on saving the Earth. Anyway, my favorite Club Penguin story is Franky's First Show, which is sitting in the Book Room, where I like to read the yearbooks and play Mancala. I like it because it teaches the readers about following your dreams and to conquer your fears. It is a story that keeps you wanting to turn the page until the end. ? WADDLE ON ? P.S. I cant wait to see the wonderful wizardry and magic going on at the Medieval Party. Thanks for the sneak peek!"

She (Happy77) gave us a quick sneak peek of the Super Hero Party 2012.
Happy77 - Sneak Peek_edit.jpg

This is the meteor from the lighthouse telescope! do you agree? for full post about it, click here.
-Your Friend Azeemsky

Club Penguin Sticker Album In Brazil!

Hello friends! Just now Happy77 has made a new post on Club Penguin's Portuguese community blog. This post is about the sticker album which has been released in Brazil from today! This will be not the same sticker album as united Kingdom's sticker album, here is the video:


This album will come out with treasure book item code and coins code, here are some information about this album:

  • Total number of stickers in the album: 198
  • Amount of this album: $5,95
  • Easy stickers: 36, 143, 95, 58, 76, 115, 122, 164, 23, 54
  • Rare stickers: 73, 168, 50, 118, 119, 28, 100, 167, 142, 108

Do you live in Brazil? If you do then you can send the album images on and if we posted it, we will give you full credits! Comment below any questions related to this album.
-Your Friend Azeemsky.

Exclusive: Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party 2012 Rooms Sneak Peek!

Hello friends! Thanks to Venadito 007 (Owner of, Club Penguin Fiesta website) for giving us the pictures of 2 rooms of the upcoming Super Hero party!

The first picture appears to be Marvel’s spaceship used for the Avengers and as in the top left you can see the island out the window, it will probably be located to the right of the island next to the Ice Berg and You can see some penguin outfits in the image, too, take a look:

This second image should be top of the town or may be a special party room with a mini game for members?

Its awesome! i can't wait for this party, what about you? i have a feeling that this will be biggest and greatest party of Club Penguin history!

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!